Airborne Officers

Our Officers

Airborne officers are the face of our company and our most important asset. Our in-house ability to train and certify our officers enables us to select only the very best. Our training demands meet and exceed all state requirements, and our officers undergo thorough background checks. All Airborne officers are licensed by the State of Florida and certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED.

We provide several different tiers of officers to meet your security needs:

Tier 1: Unarmed officers whose duty is to Observe and Report, and maintain access control.
Tier 1 officers are best for low risk facilities.

Tier 2: Unarmed officers equipped and trained quarterly with tasers, batons and handcuffs.
Tier 2 officers will engage a threat who is deemed hostile, and are best used in medium risk facilities.

Tier 3: Armed officers equipped with Firearms, baton, and handcuffs and are trained quarterly (which exceeds the state’s required annual recertification).
Tier 3 officers are trained to engage all threats, and are best used at high risk facilities

Tier 4: Executive protection specialists. For safety reasons their training is not listed.

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